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Yantai Orient Metallurgical Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd was founded in 2002 and own metallurgical designing and researching professional qualification authorized by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, mainly work on mines design as core technical strength of Jinpeng Group. In the passed more than ten years, our Research Institute have undertaken hundreds of research and study on many kinds of mineral ores in China and abroad.Through continuous technology research and development, our Research Institute got remarkable achievement in mineral processing of gold ore, silver ore, copper ore, limonite ore, hematite ore, etc. At the same time, the research results in nonmetal refining(such as fluorite, baryte, graphite, feldspar ore and silicon sand ore), various of oxidized ore recycling, comprehensive utilization and so on are international first level.

Project Footprint

In recent years, along with focusing on domestic market, our research institute also made their reputation known oversea depending on advanced technical level. At present, our institute has undertaken mineral test and engineering design for hundreds mines in more than 30 countries: Canada, Germany, Australia, Fiji, Turkey, Albania, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Zambia, Morocco, Nigeria, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, etc.

Baohua Xu

University of Science and Technology Beijing,1983

Mining processing

Advanced mineral processing engineers,dean of design institute

Dean Xu have been worked on mineral designing for more than 30 years after graduation in 1984. Thousands of mines have been design by him, including the biggest gold mine in Asia with capacity 8000t/d acted as general designer. Dean Xu obtained the first prize of technology progressing and many awards as excellent designer and national patents.



Since its establishment, under the guidance of Dean Xu, research institutes focus on technology innovation, over the years, constantly create new technology, fill the domestic blank, and won numerous domestic awards. Behind sweat and hard work, the affirmation from customer is our most delighted thing.

  • Lingnan gold mine, Hedong gold mine, Jiehe gold mine extension project, Heilangou gold mine, Daliuhang smelting plant and so on won the first prize of provincial and SETC excellent design.
  • Zhaoyuan Hexi Gold mine project in Shandong province won silver award of national excellent design.
  • In laboratory, conquer the concentrated iron unable enrichment technical problem in slag iron dressing process after concentrated sulfur making acid, concentrated iron grade up to above 63%.
  • In Cangshang gold CIL project design, the high efficiency was successfully used for C.C.D process of CIL and filled a domestic blank. Won first prize of scientific-technical progress by former national gold authority.
  • In bacterial oxidation process test for arsenic-containing difficult beneficiation & smelting gold ore, the gold leaching rate up to 92%-95%. At present, this process has been used for actual production successfully and got good economic benefit.

Typical project

  • Gold and silver

    Copper , lead and zinc


    Tungsten and Tin

    Non-metallic minerals

    Abroad projects

  • China gold mining industry, 8000t / d gold mine

    Henan Xinxiang, 5000 t/d copper mine

    Xu Lou, 1 million t/a iron ore

    Jianfengpo, 600 t/d zinc - tin mine

    Liaoning Jinzhou, 1000 t/d fluorite mine

    Germany, 500 t/d CIL plant

  • Jintingling, Shandong Province , 3700 t / d gold mine

    China Metallurgical Industry ,2000t / d Copper, Lead and Zinc mine

    Pingtan ,3000t / d iron mine

    Bolivia , 3000t / d tin ore dressing plant

    Yangxian, Shaanxi Province , 500t / d fluorite mine

    Australia, 1500 t/d CIL plant

  • Daye gold mine , 2000t / d gold mine

    Qinghai ,1000t / d copper lead and zinc mine

    Shanxi Xinrui Mining , 3000 t / d iron ore mine

    Kyrgyzstan , 3,000 t / d tungsten tin mine

    Shanxi Gao Yao , 400t / d fluorite ore

    India, 500 t/d CIL plant

  • Shandong Sanshandao , 8000 t / d gold mine

    Inner Mongolia , 3000t / d polymetallic mine

    Inner Mongolia, China,4500t / d Fe - Zn mine

    Anhui Province , Tungsten and molybdenum mine

    Myanmar , 200t / d antimony CIL plant

    Laos, 500 t/d CIL plant

  • Shandong Jiaojia Gold Mine , 6000t / d gold mine

    Inner Mongolia , 2000t / d copper molybdenum mine

    Fushun Aoniu output of iron powder 700,000 tons annual

    Inner Mongolia Industrial Group , 2500t / d tungsten mine

    Xinjiang , 500t / d chrome mine

    Brazil, 500 t/d CIL plant

  • Shandong Penglai 1000t/d Gold Mine

    5000 t/d copper and molybdenum mine,Juchi Huadong

    Guilin 1500t/d limonite project


    Turkey 150t/d potassium feldspar project

    signing ceremony of CIL plant 750t/d , Poly Group

  • Tianshui Gansu, 1400 t/d gold mine

    Xinjiang Hejing, 300 t/d copper mine

    Vietnam Jinbu iron plant, 100,000 t/a iron mine


    Damaoqi of Inner Mongolia, 300 t/d fluorite mine

    Indonesia 2000t/d gold mine

  • Henan Luoyang, 500 t/d gold and lead mine

    Xinjiang Xinwang, 300 t/d copper mine



    Inner Mongolia Ximeng, 500t/d fluorite mine

    Indonesia 200t/d gold flotation plant

  • Indonesia 2000 t/d gold mine

    Inner Mongolia Rongbang, 1000 t/d Copper, Lead and Zinc mine




    Australia Minjar 2000 t/d gold mine

  • Penglai changxin, 800 t/d gold mine

    Tajikistan 1000000 t/a Lead and Zinc mine




    Laos 800 t/d gold CIL plant

  • Fengning 300 t/d gold mine

    Inner Mongolia 2000000 t/a iron and Zinc mine




    Malaysia 2000 t/d iron mine

  • Cambodia 300 t/d gold beneficiation

    Inner Mongolia Tiantong mining, 500 t/d Lead and Zinc mine




    Bolivia 3000 t/d tin ore project

  • Inner Mongolia 500 t/d gold mine project

    Inner Mongolia Xiaoxigou, 500 t/d Lead and Zinc mine




    Bolivia 3000 t/d copper ore project

  • Shanxi JinYin, 200 t/d Smelter project

    Inner Mongolia New tianshan, 500 t/d Lead and Zinc mine




    Kirghizia 3000 t/d Tungsten tin ore beneficiation

  • Henan xinheng, 300 t/d Gold mill plant project

    Inner Mongolia Guoying, 1000 t/d Lead and Zinc mine




    Cambodia 300 t/d gold beneficiation

  • Inner Mongolia 1000 t/d CIL plant

    Qinghai qilian, 1000 t/d Lead and Zinc mine




    Peru 2000 t/d lead-zinc beneficiation

  • Yunnan Jinshan, 400 t/d gold mine

    Inner Mongolia Shuangsheng, 300 t/d Lead and Zinc mine




    Turkey's 500 t/d lead-zinc oxide ore

  • Xinjiang Xinwang, 500 t/d gold mine

    Xing'an Aima, 1000 t/d Lead and Zinc mine




    Turkey's 150 t/d potassium feldspar beneficiation






    Burma 200 t/d antimony beneficiation






    Australia 300 t/d gold mine project






    Australia 300 t/d iron mine beneficiation






    Mongolia 300 t/d fluorite mine beneficiation






    Zimbabwe 200 t/d CIL plant






    Nigeria 200 t/d gold mine project

  • Burma's 1000 t/d gold mine

    Canada 2200 t/d carbon pulp plant

    Malaysia 1000 t/d gold mine

    The Sahara 500 t/d carbon pulp plant

  • Tajikistan palmer root + 4000 t/d flotation cyanide gold room

    Russia's 1000 t/d cyanide plant

    Zimbabwe's 100 t/d gold charcoal pulp mill

    Ghana 500 t/d carbon pulp plant

  • Sudan rida mining company 1500 t/d carbon pulp plant

    Bolivia tile nouri 1 million/a tin mill plant

    Middlings was sold for 8000 t/d gold acquisition project

    Shaanxi to extend the oil group, 500 t/d fluorite concentrators

  • Xinjiang hami gold 500 t/d carbon pulp plant

    Yunnan golden hill 500 t/d flotation + cyanide plant

    Huaibei xu floor of 1.6 million t/a iron ore project

    Inner Mongolia 4500 t/d zinc ore dressing plant of iron

  • Liaoning proud king group cow iron ore dressing plant

    Shandong big LiuHang gold 1000 t/d mill plant

    Zhaojin group gold ore dressing plant of 3000 t/d

    Zhaojin group bacteria oxidation factory

  • Golden wings ridge biological oxidation gold project

    Laizhou gold smelter bacterial oxidation workshop

    Jiang tungsten group nickelodeon tin mill plant

    Anhui qingyang tungsten molybdenum deposits

  • Inner Mongolia baotou golden harvest 1000 t/d carbon pulp plant

    Inner Mongolia baotou 1000 t/d carbon pulp plant

    Warehouse on gold

    Shandong longkou anylink 1000 t/d carbon pulp plant

  • Gansu jiayuguan 1000 t/d carbon pulp plant

    Gansu province 300 t/d carbon pulp plant

    Iron ore dressing plant in guangxi

    Hainan province ledong 1000 t/d carbon pulp plant


    Inner Mongolia industrial group small XiGou lead-zinc mill plant

    CIL PLANT Indonesia

    Datong JinYin silver concentrate cyaniding smelter

  • KGZ tungsten tin ore dressing plant (kyrgyzstan)

    MAS iron ore dressing plant (Malaysia)

    Built into the lead-zinc mill plant (Mongolia)

    Built fluorite concentrators (Mongolia)

  • Laizhou yao iron mill plant

    The don't stare blankly tungsten

    Xingda mining

    Hexi shaft

  • Shandong baoshan group gold open stope

    Jiangxi jinlong early gold mine tailings dam

    Zhaojin group main shaft

    Tailings dam

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