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Wet ball mills

Ball mill is widely used in mining, smelting,road,building material and chemical. It is the key equipment for grinding after the crush process.The mill consists of feeding device, driving assembly, rotating assembly, bearing unit,discharging assembly and foundation unit.

Scope of Application : Metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry, etc

Effective volume : 0.45-87m³



1.Joint feeder  2. feed inlet  3. Barrel  4. discharge hole  5. Power Train  6. Bearing  7. Slow speed transmission device   8. intermediate shaft  9. air clutch  10. electric motor  11. jack system  12. Spray lubricating device



1. Bush bearing is replaced by rolling bearing, friction resistance being greatly lowered down,easy to start and energy's energy is lower 10%-15% than the old one.

2. The capacity is larger: for the outlet disk and the checked liner are adopted,the capacity is higher 20% than the cone ball mill.

3. Easy to construct: for one-fiece frame is used, it's easy for the facilitating and equipment installation.

Product Parameters

Wet ball mills
ModelbarrelMotorboundary   dimensionEffective   volume(m3)Max   loading ball(t)weight(kg)
MQG 0918900180039.2Y225M-8224196233620150.91.925340
MQG 12121200120031.3Y250M-8304500210417331.12.411438
MQG 12241200240031.3Y280M-8455764210417332.44.613200
MQG 15151500150030.9JR115-8606094274321702.5513120
MQG 15301500300030.9JR117-8806800274321705.088.619166
MQG 15451500450030.9JR127-81309085309121706.5711.322147
MQG 21222100220024.05JR128-81557750445035336.61642500
MQG 21302100300024.05JR137-821083304450353392044260
MQG 21452100450024.05JR138-82459933445035331323.550348
MQG 24302400300022.5JR138-8A28088235113389412.122.558328
MQG 24362400360022.5JR138-8B32094555113389414.52661308
MQG 27272700270021.6JR138-8B32086435722467415.33083145
MQG 27362700360021.6JR1510-8400104635942467418.43689120
MQG 27452700450021.6TDMK500-3250011471590746742345109318
MQG 32363200360018.5TDMK630-36630124427030515025.651144241
MQG 32453200450018.5TDMK800-36800139757030515032.865153390
MQG 36393600390017.3TDMK1000-401000150007200630036.275168800
MQG 36453600450017.3TDMK1250-401250152007750630041.890179900
MQG 36503600500017.3TDMK1400-401400176007750630046.496183000
MQG 36603600600017.3TDMK1600-401600170008800650055.7120204000
MQG 40604000600016.2TDMK1700-301700174009500760069.8137214000
MQG 45604500600015..3TDMK2300-3023001780010500760087158294000

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