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Project consultation

In consultant step, the limited data offered by customer can't cover all matters regarding to plant construction and experts' rich experience

will be the key part. Jinpeng owns dozens of experts with rich experience in mines. Only experienced experts can offer more detailed engi-

neering consultant for customer and let customer have enough knowledge to the dressing plant and value of mines.

  • project consulting

    By consultation, client could get a good knowledge of beneficiation , including mine value , minerals , process , scale , equipment and project limited ,etc .
  • project consulting

    Main content
    Client could bring himself or delegate Jinpeng Group bring the samples to make mineral analysis , after analysis of the mineral , Jinpeng give a report that including exploitation , beneficiation ,outer condition , investment estimation and profit analysis etc .

Experimental research on mineral processing

Work out optimal process flow sheet and processing condition to certain ore by trial and error. It is the effective way to tap potential and

increase effect, it is the source power of process innovation, it is the basis of investment decision. Generally, simple mineral processing

experiment need 15 working days, detailed mineral processing experiment need 30 working days.

    1. Sampling and prepare the ore samples for experimental research

    2. Raw ore property test

    3. Preliminary exploration of experiment

    4. Concentrate and tailing analyze the recovery of valuable minerals .

    5. Sedimentation for valuable minerals in concentrate and tailings

    6. Choose the best process according experiment conclusion

Engineering Design

Mine design must be based on the detailed field investigation, therefore, Jinpeng mining design institute will make a field survey first ,and

working with geology,expoitation,beneficiation,smelting,equipment ,civil engineering ,electricity departments to determine the best

beneficiation plan.

  • No.


    Preliminary work
    • Prepare the project proposal;
    • Feasibility of the project research work;
    • Choice of mill site
  • No.

    Preliminary design

    Construction drawing design

    Preliminary design :

    confirm the beneficiation scale, process ,equipment , plan and security proposals .
  • No.


    Explain the design to construction company , suspect the quality ,participate in reception , pre-operation and solve problems ,etc .

High quality equipment manufacturing

Procure and manufacture energy-saving

high efficiency mining machinery
for customers
We have formed complete strict Quality management system in equipment manufacturing. During manufacturing process, strictly control the procurement and quality and guarantee the raw material with zero defect via shop around. At the same time, Jinpeng completely check and pre-inspect every finished product in workshop, and test run all projects. At present, Jinpeng can manufacture more than 600 equipment using for mining, beneficiating and smelting and supply full set main & auxiliary equipment.
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First class factory

Jinpeng machinery factory carries out strict quality management of the whole process, and has been certified to ISO9001: 2008 Quality

Management System. Our company owns large CNC automatic cutting equipment, automatic welding equipment, 5m CNC vertical lathe,

several CNC lathes, and the longest lathe in Shandong—15m lathe, and guarantees machining precision and excellent appearance quality.

Attention on quality
Research in creation

Factory building construction

Construction of dressing plant mainly include: factory building construction, facilities construction, it go along with equipment installation.

  • Infrastructure

    Factory building construction
    Factory building construction include raw ore bin, crushing plant, grinding floating plant, concentrated ore filtering construction, smelting plant, tailings pond, etc.
  • Infrastructure

    Facilities construction
    Facilities construction include water, electric, road construction, civil construction, equipment installation, laboratory construction, etc. Others are water treatment, agentia storage and configuration plant, warehouse, overhaul plant, high water pool, living area facilities construction, etc.

Equipment installation

This part divided into two part: equipment transportation and installation.


Equipment transportation
Equipment installation include the installation of crusher, screen, ball mill, classifier, flotation cell, thickener, filter and auxiliary equipment and so on. All the equipment are checked strictly before delivery and guarantee the high-speed, shortcut, non damage. Whatever the stormy weather, deliver goods on time, don't waster customers' time.
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Equipment installation
The flow sheet of Equipment installation is : construction checking→ main equipment installation→ platform installation → civil construction→ auxiliary equipment installation→ non-standard parts installation→ electrical equipment installation→ piping installation→ automation installation→ cable line installation→ commissioning in site→ rechecking.
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Equipment commissioning

Equipment commissioning mainly include Equipment commissioning and process commissioning.

Equipment commissioning means checking, running, empty running, test running with water to all equipment, cable line, piping and so on. The purpose of equipment commissioning is check all aspects situation of the equipment. The purpose of process commissioning is re-adjustment of the before optimal process.
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Because the mineral processing experiment is done in laboratory, it has some inapplicability in real factory. Jinpeng will arrange the engineers to adjust the process until optimal process and solve the problem occurring when theory become to reality.
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Production training

To start the production earlier and guarantee normal running with qualified technical team, Jinpeng will arrange the technical experts to

train. Our technical experts will train FAQ of all equipment and mineral process, and show the solutions to workers.

Mainly include five points
as below:
  • technical training;
  • equipment operating training;
  • production management training;
  • maintenance training;
  • safeguard training

Management of dressing plant

Management of dressing plant include production plan management, cost management, security and environmental protection management and mineral processing technical management.

  • Management

    Production plan
    Production plan management include: analysis of routine production report, solution of existing problem, production plan and arrangement in every stage.
  • Management

    Cost management
    Cost management: cost accounting, cost analysis, cost decision and cost control during production and management. Beneficiation cost include ore price, beneficiation reagent consumption, energy consumption, water consumption, workers salary, equipment depreciation, etc.
  • Management

    Security and environmental
    Security and environmental protection management: equipment security management, personnel security management, three-waste discharge, emergency handling of emergencies, carry out mines safety production's policy and standard of government.
  • Management

    Mineral processing technical
    Mineral processing technical management, require that using least consumption of ore, water, electric and labor to get best economical and technical benefit.

Tracking & return visiting

After plant smoothly running, Jinpeng will regularly return visit the project and supply technical support after sale if need. Guarantee solving the problem quickly and avoid long time stop.

  • Regular return visiting
    After plant smoothly running, Jinpeng will regularly return visit the project and supply technical support after sale if need. Guarantee solving the problem quickly and avoid long time stop.
  • After-sales repaire
    Jinpeng After-sales service team have more than 30 technicians who have worked in mining filed for more than 30 years. After getting customers' requirements, we can arrive the site within 24 hours in China and 48 hour all over the world(not including the Visa-applying time).
  • Accessories service
    Our company can supply perfect accessories service. All the accessories of equipment supplied by Jinpeng can be placed order, even a nail. All accessories will be delivered the first time, then reduce the customers' lost and guarantee the equipment running long-time.
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