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Gold flotation beneficiation methods described work

Time : Jan 22,2017 11:48 AM

Fundamental principle of flotation

Also known as flotation froth flotation, is the result of minerals deposited on the outer bubble (bubbles mineralization) float to the top of the slurry, and then to the intent sorting and gangue minerals. Why some can be attached? Some can not? The primary reason is: the difference between the appearance of the physical and chemical properties of minerals -> refers to the difference between mineral floatability -> refers to the appearance of wet deposits of difference. Appearance is called mineral water wet wet sexual nature. Simple hydrophilic wet by water, such as quartz, is not simple to be called water-wet hydrophobic, such as ash.

Flotation is a solid-liquid gas at the three-phase environment.

Moist and good -> Hydrophilic -> sparse gas -> Flotability poor -> Floating difficult damp poor -> Hydrophobic -> atmophile -> Flotability good -> Easy floating election agents and increase the variety of inflatable intent is to improve moisture resistance that is the difference between mineral appearance.

Second, the factors affecting the flotation process

1, the objective factors (not adjustable): (mineral composition, quality, degree of oxidation, mud degree) and quality of produced water and other mineral properties;

2, subjective factors (adjustable): grinding fineness, pulp density, pharmaceutical guidelines, inflatable volume, mixing intensity, flotation time, flotation processes, pulp temperature, PH value of slurry, water and flotation machines.

(1) grinding fineness: refers to the grinding of minerals in a particular grain size (usually expressed as -200 mesh) and the percentage of the content. Suitable grinding fineness conclude from the experiment results.

A, flotation process for the grinding fineness needs:

① fundamentally useful minerals monomer dissociation;

② fineness should be the most appropriate particle size range. Sulfide ore, the ore can not exceed the maximum size 0.2-0.3mm.

③ avoid excessive damage or mud of representation, is less than 0.01mm, flotation beneficiation targets significantly reduced diameter floating particles, when less than 2-5 microns, flotation can not leave.

B, coarse particles floating hard reason: not useful minerals monomer dissociation, size large component is large, the bubble is difficult or even brought up with since it simply fall off the bubble flotation machine when mixing.

C, coarse flotation should pay attention to matters:

① useful to use a sufficient amount of flotation;

② increase the amount of pulp inflated to form large bubbles;

③ selection of high pulp density slurry to increase buoyancy;

D, the impact on the flotation of fine mud: ore fine clay fraction native slime and secondary sludge. Native refers to deposits due to natural weathering constitution; secondary means of fine clay minerals occur in mining, crushing, grinding and other aspects of. Fine mud flotation concentrate is usually low-grade, low recovery rate, pharmaceutical consumption. Eliminate the fine mud ways: washing participate lax agent.

(2) pulp density within a certain range, a large pulp density, the pulp to increase the proportion conducive coarse flotation, together, slurry flow rate slows, so flotation moment longer conducive to the recovery progress, and vice versa . Large pulp density, the inflated amount of demand is large, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation.

Flotation concentration concluded:

①? Election than serious deposits, the selection of high pulp density, and vice versa.

② When coarse mineral flotation, the choice of thick slurry, and vice versa. Generally, coarse gold suit of 40-60% pulp density, fine gold for the pulp density of 20-30%.

③ roughing and scavenging use a higher concentration to ensure recovery, opt for a lower concentration of selected operations in order to ensure the concentrate grade.

(3) guidelines for the flotation process to increase Pharmacy Pharmacy variety, quantity and pharmaceutical preparation methods, such as dosing point and order, known reagent system.

① Pharmacy varieties: determined by experimentation.

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