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Tailings dry sense row

Time : Jan 22,2017 01:39 PM

Enter through the broken ore concentrator, after grinding and sorting homework, useful minerals in the ore sorted into one or more of the concentrate product. Places tailings slurry discharged state. Fine mineral was smaller, non-ferrous mineral concentrator fine rate is generally only 10-20%; large number of tailings, the yield is generally 80% to 90%; even bigger. If a daily processing of 100t small concentrator, tailings daily emissions of up to 80 ~ 90t or more; high grade ore, refined mineral rate, less the tailings. If not properly handle a large amount of tailings, great harm. Concentrator tailings discharged water often contains a lot of agents and harmful substances. Its source is added during beneficiation flotation reagents and ore metal elements, a common cyanide, xanthate, black medicine, pine oil, copper ions, lead ions, zinc ions, and in some cases may have arsenic, phenol mercury. These tailings water discharge of harmful substances can not reach the scale of the human body, animals, fish and farmland are harmful. So Tailings can not arbitrarily emissions, otherwise it will cause pollution Rivers, surrounded by dirt or groundwater resources, leading to a series of tough questions, and affect the development of enterprises. On the other hand, is a relative concept tailings, tailings contain a lot of useful components.

Under the current level of technology, some precious metals, rare metals can not be recycled, but with the increase of science and technology, tailings useful components can be re-exploited. Tailings comprehensive utilization of resources at home and abroad have been many examples, such as Hubei Province Copper Mine Tailings record rich in gold, silver, copper, iron and other useful components in recent years with the development of mineral processing technology, in 1985 the mine field weakening - intensity magnetic separation technology tailings annually recovered from tens of thousands of t of iron ore tailings, the number value for million, is being further regrinding tailings re-election, so tailings the gold, silver, copper, iron and other useful minerals are fully recycled, so much economic progress in mine.

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