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Straight energy-saving overflow ball mill

Energy-saving overflow ball mill is usually used for ores with higher grinding fineness.

Production capacity : 0-160t/h

Application material : Grinding fineness of fine ore


Its main component is a cylinder with bigger diameter and smaller length which is revolved by transmitting machinery. Materials are put in cylinder through the feed opening and then thoroughly grinded. The falling course of iron balls and ores can produce huge falling impact and autogenous grinding. The continuous feeding of ores can create considerable pressure to make ores move from feed opening toward discharge opening. Finally, acceptable particles are discharged from the discharge opening. Acceptable ore particles are carried away by water by wet mill, or by air by dry mill. The hollow shaft comprises reciprocal screw impellers that can carry overflowed iron balls and coarse ores back to mill. Energy-saving overflow ball mill has simple structure and higher operation rate. Equipped with rolling bearings, it can considerably save energy.

Product Parameters

Straight energy-saving overflow ball mill
ModelbarrelMotorBoundary   dimensionEffective   volume(m3)Max   loading ball(t)weight(kg)
MQYg 0912900120039.2Y1800L-8113666183514000.714265
MQYg 0918900180039.2Y225M-8224196233620150.91.665340
MQYg 12121200120031.3Y250M-8223512207616201.141.99610
MQYg 12241200240031.3Y280M-8455764210417332.44.813200
MQYg 12401200400031.3JR117-8807990241217283.77.815600
MQYg 15151500150030.9JR115-8606094274321702.5513120
MQYg 15301500300030.9JR117-88068002743217058.619166
MQYg 15351500350030.9JR125-8957665304021705.91019500
MQYg 15451500450030.9JR127-81309680325423706.5711.322147
MQYg 15571500570030.9JR127-813010275325423708.913.526607
MQYg 18301800300025.2JR128-81557941356026206.2511.222337
MQYg 18401800400025.2JR136-81809277365025958.41333073
MQYg 18451800452025.2JR137-821097503683278510.21937480
MQYg 18631800632025.2JR138-8280116903781277514.22545520.5
MQYg 18701800700025.2JR138-8A280123903750266013.826.446900
MQYg 21222100220024.05JR128-81557750445035336.61435963
MQYg 21302100300024.05JR137-821083304450353391644260
MQYg 21362100360024.05JR137-821089584450353310.818.146650
MQYg 21452100450024.05JR138-8245103504268312113.523.650348
MQYg 24302400300022.5JR138-828088235113389412.122.557455.5
MQYg 24362400360022.5JR138-832094555113389414.52660861.5
MQYg 24422400420022.5JR500L3-8380102235218389416.531.564229
MQYg 24602400600022.5JR1510-84501262452014060234083869
MQYg 27272700270021.6JR138-832086435722467415.32976600
MQYg 27362700360021.6JR1510-8400104635942467418.43479120
MQYg 27402700400021.6JR500L3-8400105385722467419.44086755
MQYg 27452700450021.6TDMK450-323801166451504674234296196
MQYg 27602700600021.6TDMK630-3263013409604746743051117733
MQYg 32363200360018.5TDMK630-36630124427030515025.651144241
MQYg 32453200450018.5TDMK630-36630139757030515032.861153390
MQYg 32543200540018.5TDMK1000-36630148757030515039.573163760
MQYg 36453600450017.3TDMK1000-40100014822746054634165169166
MQYg 36603600600017.3TDMK1250-401250169107700546355.7102198000

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