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Wet rod mill

Wet rod mill is mainly used for coarse grinding. It is configured for fine and coarse grinding in the first stage open-circuit grinding, especially suitable for brittle ore materials.

Production capacity : 0.62~250t/h

Scope of Application : Mainly used for coarse grinding operations



Sketch map

1. feeding device  2. Bearing  3. feed inlet  4. Barrel  5. discharge hole  6. Power Train  7. Rack  8. Gear cover device

The main component of wet rod mill is a cylinder with bigger diameter and smaller length which is revolved by transmitting machinery. Materials are put in cylinder through the feed opening and then thoroughly grinded. The falling course of iron balls and ores can produce huge falling impact and autogenous grinding. The continuous feeding of ores can create considerable pressure to make ores move from feed opening toward discharge opening. Finally, acceptable particles are discharged from the discharge opening. Acceptable ore particles are carried away by water by wet mill, or by air by dry mill.


1. Iron rods can move inside mill with regularity.The curvature of end cover of wet rod mill is relatively small, which renders iron rods move inside mill with regularity.

2. Easy installation and maintenance.

3. Quick discharging.The diameter of discharge hollow shaft is comparatively bigger, which makes overhaul easier and diminishes the liquid level of ore pulp. Consequently, discharge becomes faster.

4. Uniform ore particles.

5. Low incidence of overly grinding.Uniform ore particles. Less incidence of overly grinding.


Wet rod mill
ModelbarrelMotorBoundary dimension(mm)Effective volume(m3)Max loading ball(t)Weight(kg)
MBY 09189001800Y225M-8227304980237020200.62~3.20.95700
MBY 09249002400Y250M-8307305670328020200.81~4.31.25880
MBY 122412002400Y280M-8457306450280025000.4~4.92.2812308
MBY 153015003000JR125-8957257935318522800.4~4.9519990
MBYg 153015003000JR117-8807257253307022802.4~7.5521210
MBYg 213021003000JR136-818073581224220307314~35942123.5
MBYg 213621003600JR137-821073589584320302543~6110.845800.5
MBYg 243024003000JR138-8280735900548363490 43~6111.555795
MBYg 273227003200JR157-83207501050950003620 43~6115.783110
MBYg 273627003600JR158-8380743107645750362032~8617.790441
MBY 274027004000TDMK400-32400187.5123005700470043~11020.475000
MBY 304030004000JR1510-857074098003900390054~1352690000
MBY 324532004500TDMK800-36800167146007000530064~18031113000
MBY 364536004500TDMK1250-401250150152008800680080~23041.8139000
MBY 365436005400TDMK1600-4016001501590088006800100~25049.7150000

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