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Belt conveyor

Belt feeder is a usual materials feeding equipment and according to the technological requirements,so it is feasible for one belt feeder single delivery \many belt feeder together delivery or with other equipment to form horizontal or inclined transport system in order to satisfy the requirement of different arrangement type operating line.

Scope of Application : Metallurgy, mining, coal, port, transportation, water and electricity, chemical industry and other departments

Delivery capacity : 78-2995 t/h


The convery belt is mainly composed by the expansion cylinder on both ends and the closed belts tightly knotted on them. The revolving cylinder of the conveyor belt is called driving cylinder, and the other cylinder which is mainly used for changing the moving direction of the belt is called redirection cylinder. The driving cylinder drive the device through the electromotor on the reducer, and the belt pulls relying on the friction of the driving cylinder and the conveyor belt. The driving cylinder is usually installed on the materials discharging side for purpose of increasing the pulling force. The materials are fed from the feeding end, and then they will fall on the revolving conveyor belt, and relying on the friction force of the belt conveyor, the conveying materials are driven to the material discharging end for discharging.



1. Stable running, low noise and long service life;

2. Thread rod type take-up (tensioner) can be fitted at the tail so as to meet   various conveying requirements;

3.Flexible for multi-point feeding and discharging;

4. Equipped with an alarming device for material blockage;

 5. Devices for speed loss and chain breakage protection are optional;


Belt conveyor
carrying idlerbelt speedbelt width B  (mm)
trough idler
Delivery capacity Q  (t/h)




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