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Chute feeder

The chute feeder (also called slot type) can be installed on the ground ,also can be lifting unloading port in the ore bin. It is through the base of reciprocating motion, the massive material storage silos by delivery to the receiving device, not suitable for conveying powder material.

Feeding capacity : 10~90t/h

Max particle : 50-350mm

Applicable material : short distance feeding material size 160 mm below the block material


product construction


1.eccentric wheel   2. connecting rod  3.basal plate   4.roundscrewdie  5.tank body   6.flange

Product working principle

Slot type equipment is usually installed in the lower part of the material bin, the ore go into the bottom of the groove on the bottom of the bushing, bushing is arranged in the roller, and the eccentric mechanism makes the bushing and double shaft of the speed reducer connected, and then with the motor coupling. When the utility model is used, the motor drives the speed reducer through the coupling, and the device is driven by the eccentric disk to reciprocate linearly with the leaking disk between the bottom of the groove frame and the roller.


1 the advantages of simple structure, uniform feeding, continuous performance.

2 at any time to change and control flow, easy to operate adjusting to the amount of ore.

3 smooth transmission, high transmission efficiency.

4 compact structure, reasonable design.

5 good quality, wide range of uses.


Chute feeder
ModelDischarge   measure
Max   particle
Feeding   capacity(t/h)Dynamo   modelDynamo power(kw)Weight

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